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Antigua’s native ‘Dadli Dogs’ are born survivors. Life on the streets can be tough and they’ve learned to be hardy. Sadly, there are many who desperately need our help. For more than two decades, charity Protect Antiguan Animals with a Smile - PAAWS has provided a safe haven for neglected, abused, injured and abandoned dogs and cats.
Our no-kill shelter and rehoming centre in Parham, a haven to over 80 dogs and cats, has found forever homes for almost 2,000 animals over the years. But with no government funding, our dedicated and hard-working team relies entirely on donations to continue our work.
Dadli Dogs make excellent pets because they’re naturally affectionate, loyal and smart.
Support PAAWS - and make a Dadli Dog smile.
Fully licensed by Dog Registration and Control Authority. Registered Charity March 1996

Neglected Dog

Our Vision

PAAWS gives priority care to abandoned, neglected, and/or abused animals. Hosted animals become socialised, leash trained, loved and familiar with a home and yard setting. They receive their vaccinations and, if 5 months or older, are spayed or neutered before being re-homed only to safe and caring homes. At 6 months and older, dogs are micro-chipped according to law.


Success Stories

In the past 12 years PAAWS has helped nearly 2,000 dogs and cats to find new loving & caring homes.

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Dadli dogs and puppies make excellent pets because they are naturally affectionate, loyal and smart. Our beautiful cats and kittens are all litterbox trained, low maintenance and make for great company. Its been scientifically proven that their purring reduces stress! How fabulous is that?!
Please pop down to the shelter and meet our gorgeous furry friends available for adoption who are looking for loving furever homes.
Visitors Welcome Daily 9.30 am – 4 pm.

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We often have orphan tiny puppies and kittens who as they are so young and tiny, are in need of regular feeding and extra tender, loving care.
Its always a great help if a volunteer could foster them as the team are all incredibly busy hands on at the shelter looking after our 80 dogs and cats. It' an incredibly rewarding experience.
We will provide a crate if needed and they can also easily be kept in a bathroom.

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Our Dadli dogs love to be taken for walks. If you have some spare time, our shelter dogs are always grateful for an opportunity to show off – and improve - their social skills and leash training, and increase their chances of finding a forever home. Just remember to bring sunscreen and water.
Our puppies and kittens love cuddles, heaps of love and attention which helps them become socialised. Simply pop down to the shelter, open daily. Volunteering welcome 10 am – 4 pm.

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Pets Profile

View our gorgeous dogs, puppies, cats, kittens who are looking for a family to call their very own.

Our pet profiles are coming soon!

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Success Stories

Make a difference.

80 Pets in the Shelter
1980 Adopted Animals
45 Members

Team Members

Our wonderful team.

Team Member

Lynne Piggot

Volunteer Veterinary nurse

Trained as a Veterinary Nurse, volunteer Lynne's skills are crucial and in constant demand at the shelter ensuring our 80 plus dogs, cats, puppies and kittens medical and wellbeing needs are cared for. Lynne organises the regularly vet shelter visits, vet clinic visits, new arrivals medical needs, furry friends medical records, spay/neuters, vaccinations, monthly flea and worm treatment, various other medical issues that need treating. As a trained Nurse, Lynne is also able to mircochip our animals as according to the law. Lynne is also training our Animal Care Assistants with the medical side of caring for our beloved furry friends whilst also helping in the yard and the office too!

Team Member

Shaquille Winter

Yard Manager & Animal Care Assistant

Shaq is affectionately known as the Dog Whisperer, has an amazing relationship with all of our dogs, knows their personalities inside out and all the dogs do exactly as he asks. He ensures the dogs have daily playtime with their best friends – yes dogs have best friends too! He loves working with the dogs and prefers dogs to people as they’re loyal, loving and don’t answer back or argue! Shaq urges residents to consider adopting a pup. “Dogs are so loyal; they’re always by your side and make such amazing pets”.

Team Member

Fabin Bertrand

Animal Care Assistant

Fabin cares for all our furry friends and is one of our cat/kitten gurus. "The best thing about working at PAAWS is getting to help animals who are in desperate need of rescue. I particularly like to care for the little orphaned kittens that come in. I get to watch them grow from infants nursing from a bottle to strong healthy cats. I also really like the family atmosphere at the shelter. My coworkers and I seem to have formed a work rhythm that has made the work more than just that."

Team Member

Judy Hall Pike

Animal Care Assistant

Judy, is our marvellous kitten and cat guru who mainly looks after our 30 cats/kittens. Judy is incredibly hard working and brings a wonderful sense of calm to the shelter. Her favorite part of her daily duties is ” having a play with our gorgeous kittens”.

Paaws Animals

Happy Hotel Boarding Services

Going away? Need someone to care for your beloved dog or cat?
Personalized Service to Accommodate the Needs of Your Loved one

  • Single & Double Occupancy
  • Own Fenced Kennel with Dog House
  • Kennel Hygiene maintained throughout the day
  • Yard Play Time Exercise Daily
  • Long & Short Term Stays
  • Cattery
  • Caters for Special Diets
  • Competitive Prices
  • Full Kennel License

  • All boarding funds go towards the crucial running costs of the shelter.
    Open 7 Days. Visiting hours 9.30am - 4 pm

    Please contact us for more details


    Upcoming events at Pawws.


    PAAWS Bingo Fundraiser

    Please join us for an evening of fun, we can't do it without you!
    10 fabulous prizes to be won!  Meals for 2, gift vouchers and much more.
    10 Games @ $5ec per card.
    Mini golf and playground for kids.


    Antigua Dog Show

    Please come and visit our stall and meet some of the PAAWS team.
    Should be a fun day, see you there.


    21st Anniversary Gala Dinner

    Please join us to celebrate our 21st Anniversary!!
    Black Tie, 3 Course Meal (choice of courses), Auction, Music.
    TICKETS $100 USD AVAILABLE AT: South Point Resort in English Harbour & The Larder on Friars Hill in The Royal Palms

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    Our valuable sponsors. Without them we couldnt do what we do!

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